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September 12, 2013

What We Do

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UHRI Projects

Universal Human Rights Education Project
UHRI has developed a course for human rights education to engage and involve ordinary people, youth and student organizations in the global struggle for justice, human rights and peaceful co-existence. Conducted at schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and places of worship, the human rights education curriculum tailors instructions to fit the culture and traditions of these institutions for the benefit of the participants.

International Economic Justice Project
Organizing indigenous peoples and farmers impacted by concessions and globalization, UHRI provides the critical tools needed by people to organize themselves in order to influence the outcome of government contracts and concessions on the environment and the livelihood of their families. In general, UHRI staff assists farmers and poor people to organize, improve their yields and better protect and defend their careers and families.

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Youth Investment, Education & Leadership Development
UHRI encourages youths and students to get involved in humanitarian causes and help influence government policies that directly or indirectly impact their future. UHRI promotes peer leadership in activism, philanthropy, investment and humanitarian causes locally and internationally. This is done through internships, voluntarism, special projects and collaboration with organizations that serve disadvantaged youths worldwide. An annual gathering of youths facilitated by UHRI encourages, informs, inspires and involves youths in projects locally and internationally.
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Massdemocracy: “It pays to vote!”
In an effort to keep the flames of democracy and the rule of law burning, providing freedom and illumination to oppressed peoples worldwide, UHRI involves members of local communities in voter registration and online elections for grassroots groups and associations.

International Grassroots Organizing Institute
Drawing from decades of activism and community organizing, UHRI assists grassroots organizations and disadvantaged communities in building social justice movements, developing strategic alliances, framing human rights arguments and facilitating focus groups to enable people to seek solutions to problems affecting them.

Universal Community Treasure Chest
Do you need money for your association, national or community-based organization? UHRI has an answer. In addition to collaborating with grassroots and student organizations to raise funds, UHRI’s professional fundraisers conduct annual fundraising and grant writing training.

Dogged by funding woes for many years, UHRI developed the Universal Community Treasure Chest (UCTC) as a means for grassroots fundraising that utilizes all the community’s networks, including workplaces, places of worship, schools, colleges, universities and companies that provide goods and services in a given geographic area. UCTC is a mutually beneficial fundraising project, proceeds of which benefit UHRI and participating community associations and non-profits organization.

African Tour
UHRI organizes trips to African refugee camps and works with grassroots organizations in post conflict countries with recovery and reconstruction.
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International Human Rights Awards
UHRI has established the following awards to recognize and encourage individuals, communities, businesses, elected officials and places of worship that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in human rights, social justice and humanitarian causes locally, nationally and internationally. Supporters of UHRI through an electronic ballot system nominate and select annual winners.

Annual Youth Leadership Celebration
Celebrating the accomplishments of youths involved in humanitarian and social justice during graduation season, UHRI encourages the next generation of activists and community organizers.

Annual National & Cross-Cultural Celebration
Tobacco, drug and alcohol free international cultural celebration of UHRI supporters and friends. Participants proudly displace their national costumes, wave the flags of their native countries, play ethnic music and exhibit the foods from their native country. The participants vote to select the winners in various categories, including, best-dressed, best music & best foods, etc.

September 11, 2013

Who We Are

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The Universal Human Rights International (UHRI) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1998. The need for this center was felt at the height of the brutal Liberian Civil War. As a Wang Labs Inc. consultant at a United States Embassy in Africa, its founder, Torli Krua, came face to face with starving victims and skeletons of people killed months earlier. Specifically, it was the heart ranging spectacle of a seriously ill child and its dehydrated mother who were denied visa to join their relatives in the US that convinced him to establish the UHRI. He resigned from his lucrative consultancy, and vowed to establish a center that would fight for the rights of all people to be treated fairly and equally in their struggle against all forms of persecution, whether it is political, religious, social, national, ethnic, or racial. The UHRI would ignite hope in the hearts of people who are threatened and crushed by violence and hate. It was incorporated in 1998, and has an office 31 Heath Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

2.2: Mission, Goals and Purpose
The mission of Universal Human Rights International (UHRI) is to assist refugees of wars to become self-reliant and establish new lives in the United States. For the long-term solution, the UHRI also assists in the repatriation and resettlement of refugees who desire to return to their homelands when hostilities cease and a safer environment exists. UHRI serves all refugees but 90% of our clients are refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa.

2.3: UHRI’s Programs: Populations served and types of services currently provided
In our various programs, we have assisted over 1500 Sub-Saharan African refugees and immigrants from 22 African countries mainly including Cameroon, Benin, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Morocco, Angola, Tanzania, Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Niger, Mali, Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria. As UHRI continues to evolve as an organization, we wish to serve at least 1000 persons per year and impact many more as our work touches family members of our clients here and abroad.
The services we provide include assisting refugees with temporary status to obtain work permits; assisting asylum seekers in navigating the system; employment and affordable housing referral and training; and refugee resettlement and integration.

The United States responds to the humanitarian needs of refugees worldwide by admitting refugees of various nationalities for permanent resettlement in the United States. In the fiscal year 2001, 80,000 refugees will benefit from this program. The total number of 80,000 is broken down into quotas for different regions. South/East Asia, 10,000, Caribbean, 3000 Europe, 37,000, East Asia, 6,000 and Africa, 20,000. Unallocated reserve, 4,000. There are 3.1 million refugees in Africa waiting for resettlement in the United States. Due to the low quota, many refugees avoid the long wait and enter the United States on visitors visa, hoping to join their relatives and apply for asylum upon arrival. Because of the large number of refugees in Africa and the low quota, most Africa refugees in the United States are asylum seekers.

UHRI serves the growing number of Sub-Saharan African refugees and asylum seekers in the Greater Boston area. UHRI has assisted 40 resettled refugees in the year 2000. This program is funded by the Office for Immigrants and refugees. ($10,000 yearly). UHRI served 3000 Liberians granted DED in 1999 with information referral and DED processing.

2.4: Accessibility of Sites and programs

The UHRI office is currently located at 31 heath street, Jamaica Plain, Boston. In March 2002, we found ourselves on the streets when uncooperative landlord forced us out of our office in Dudley. The condition in the Dudley office excruciatingly deteriorated to a level where the safety and health of our staff and clients were threatened. We requested the landlord to repair to building but he adamantly refused. We had no option but move out. The whole community due to the confidence they had in UHRI, came together and assisted us get a safe and spacious office space via Family Service of Greater Boston at 31 heath street–where we are currently located. This is an in-kind contribution to us by the Family Service of Greater Boston that also included two computers, two printers, two-phone line, fax and access to four spacious conference rooms. Our new office is handicapped accessible, equipped with Internet and elevators, and also directly located at a bus stop and a minute walk from the MBTA Orange line subway at Jackson Square station.

This new location has ample parking space for our clients, guests and we have continued to diligently serve our walk-in clients Monday-Friday with extended weekend outreach.

This new location has also been ideal place because it is located in the heart of 95% of our clients’ residential and working zone.

2.5: Successful outcomes achieved through organization’s services

2.5.1: UHRI’s distinctions and organizational competencies

While there are other organizations, which share in this mission, the UHRI is unique in the following ways:

UHRI’s programs are designed by the refugees for the refugees with cultural and linguistic sensitivities to meet their needs and competencies. Currently, UHRI has 3 fulltime staffs and 12 volunteers. UHRI staffs and volunteers fluently speak and write in English, French, Swahili, Zulu, German, Russian, Arabic, Oromo, Dinka, Nuer, Dan, Madingo, Lingala, Kirundi and Kinyarwanda among numerous other local and regional dialects from Sub-Saharan Africa. This is a key element of our program implementation successes, service delivery and community connections.

UHRI offers full service to all war refugees, including asylum seekers, resettled refugees and refugees with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), who are generally excluded from government services and benefits.

UHRI’s programs takes into account the long term interests of war refugees by offering the options of permanent integration into the American society or an eventual resettlement in the refugees’ homeland when hostilities cease.

UHRI has continues monitoring and evaluation of its programs and clients. As part of the monitoring, UHRI conducts a yearly assessment of the homelands of refugees after which a report is issued to the refugee community.

UHRI’s office is open evenings and weekends, making services accessible to working people.
This new location has ample parking space for our clients, guests and we have continued to diligently serve our walk-in clients Monday-Friday with extended weekend outreach. This new location has also been ideal place because it is located in the heart of 95% of our clients’ residential and working zone.

August 5, 2016

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Relationship Advice for Women to Avoid Conflicts

Relationships are the most important aspect of everyone’s life. But mostly after a certain time, these relationships start to take the trouble road and people start to search for reasons of these issues. Losing your boyfriend can make you feel unlucky but after knowing following factors, you will be able to get back the life of your ex boyfriend.

Avoid arguments

Before considering solving misunderstandings or conflict, you have to identify its cause. Normally, relationships break due to miscommunication or insufficient communication. Do not demand excessive sex from him. He maybe going through difficult hormonal imbalance. Instead help him to improve by taking male enhancement products like this one, which seems to be popular.

Admit instead of blaming

During the conflict with your boyfriend, if anyone tries to blame other individual for every happening, then it would affect your relationship in a number of ways. So, try to admit what you have done instead of just blaming! says relationship expert Marie Luce

Do not attack on character

Everyone is sensitive about his/her character and never tolerates reservation or skepticism. Therefore, it is important for you to always admire the character of your boyfriend along with giving him respect.

Say yes to talk

If you refuse to talk with your boyfriend just because of some misunderstandings, it will be hurting for both of you. You will never let him to clarify his position that would ultimately result in your breakup!

September 25, 2013

What Can you Do to Enhance your Brain Power?

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Whether at work, at school or in your daily life, brain power is an important commodity. Who couldn’t benefit from a sharper memory, better focus and clearer thinking? The brain training industry has emerged from nowhere recently to turn into a billion dollar market. Sites like Lumosity have now ensured that terms like neuroplasticity and working memory are entrenched in our daily vocabulary. And while some people question the effectiveness of these tactics, there is a well-documented way to boost your brain power without having to spend hours reading or playing puzzle games online. What are some of the proven brain boosting techniques out there?

There are a few different definitions that we can use to quantify brain power; some will relate it to the concept of IQ while others use a neuropsychological term called “fluid intelligence.” You can think of fluid intelligence as your ability to learn; essentially it is the type of intelligence that allows you to develop additional intelligence by studying, remembering new facts, learning new skills, etc… It is a measure of your brain’s ability to adapt, change, communicate and ultimately store new memories. When it is easier for your brain to make these new connections, you have greater mental fluidity and therefore higher scores of fluid intelligence. This is the best measure for determining your brainpower.

So what can you do to increase this type of intelligence on a concrete level? If you have some idea of what neuroplasticity (synaptic plasticity) is, this is actually a very good way to think about fluid intelligence. The more plastic your brain is, the easier it can develop these new synapses in your brain, the more likely you are to remember information and be able to reasoning and analyze facts. In order to boost your plasticity, you have to have a few key ingredients: 1) healthy neurons that are functioning properly; 2) sufficient levels of neurotransmitters so that your neurons can signal each other; and 3) neuroreceptors that are sensitive to the chemical messages sent by other neurons.

Each of these three properties can be enhanced to improve brain power. Exercising and eating well is a great start to keeping your neurons healthy. But there are many additional nutrients that we can only get from supplements that have been proven very effective at raising brain power. These compounds are called nootropics. What is a Nootropic? According to Best Nootropics, “Nootropics are a class of cognitive enhancing supplements that improve concentration and boost memory.”

Need more information? Watch the short video presentation below.


Nootropics can work in a number of different ways, but they all must share one common feature: being neuroprotective and have very low incidence of side effects. While many so-called cognitive enhancement drugs can actually harm the brain, nootropics have to leave it in a better state than when they arrived. They do this by improving maintenance of brain cells and even sometimes causing the grown of new neurons. Nootropics can also contribute to higher levels of neurotransmitter in the brain and modulate receptors to make them more sensitive. Some of the best nootropics to look at include Piracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept, and Choline – all of which are available for a few cents a day and are used widely around the world (though they have seen slower adoption in the USA).

If you are looking for more info on how these supplements work, check out BestNootropic.org for reviews and additional user advice. You can get started enhancing your brain power today in a safe and effective manner.

September 19, 2013

Dance Your Weight Away!

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As opposed to general thinking, weight loss is not a one day wonder. It is an on-going process and our focus should be on staying healthy and losing weight. From the moment you get up in the morning and till the time you sleep; weight loss happens slowly and gradually. But you can follow certain practices that will aid you in your weight loss.

Sipping warm water with lemon and honey after early in the morning and having fiber packed oatmeal with fruits for breakfast can help you lose that fat which bothers you. Indulge in power yoga and a little bit of dancing to an upbeat music or aerobics to bring down the fat content of the body drastically. Concentrate on one big meal a day depending upon your work pattern and making steamed veggies and fruits your other two meals of the day.

Need some inspiration? Watch the video below!

Toss in 2 glasses of butter milk, tender coconut or barley water as these are natural diuretic and aid in cutting your fat quicker. A brisk walking in the morning or in the   evening will bring down that extra padding on your body faster. Focus on “keep moving” and you will never see that fat in your body. Keeping healthy is a matter of thinking right and eating right.

More tips – because living without obesity is important!

You can lose weight venus factor program. This program (for women only) allows you to eat all the foods you love in moderation tricks your leptin hormones to burn more fat faster than ever. See what you can eat with this diet.